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How to Enjoy Anal Sex For Beginners – Rabbit Vibrators

How to Enjoy Anal Sex For Beginners

How to Enjoy Anal Sex For Beginners

Ok are you ready for anal play and break one of the biggest taboos out there? These tips will help you make the most of anal sex once you’re ready to kick it up a notch and graduate from a finger to a penis!

If you’re reading this article; chances are that you are no stranger to anal play and have learned to enjoy the feeling of a toy, tongue or finger in your ass. Being comfortable with anal stimulation or even the mere idea of it is a good start because when it comes to the anus, there is no room for being uptight! Anal sex is still considered somewhat taboo and has the stigma of being uncomfortable, dirty and painful, but handled properly; it can be extremely pleasurable, erotic and safe. Follow these guidelines for making your bum-sex experience as hot as it should be.

As important as an open and mind and willing partner is lube-and lots of it! Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t going to become juicy no matter how amazing the foreplay, and since we are dealing with a much smaller opening that doesn’t always cooperate the way a pussy might; you will have to stock up on the lube if you want to make penetration as smooth as possible. Your best bets are water-based lubricants since they are latex-safe and won’t compromise the effectiveness of condoms.

Speaking of condoms; it is highly recommended to use them when in engaging in anal sex because the risk of disease and infection is greater because of the delicate skin in this area. At risk of making you go limp; it’s important that you both understand that the possibility of tearing the delicate tissue in the rectum is what increases your chances of infection here. Also, because of the types of bacteria that live in this area; irritation is another possibility, so condom use is advised for hygienic reasons as well.

Assuming that you haven’t been put off by all that clinical mumbo-jumbo; once you’re all relaxed and lubed up, slipping a finger in to help get the sphincter ready is a good idea and will help get the lube in where it counts. When both of you are ready to proceed; begin slowly-very slowly! Taking deep breaths will help to relax and expand the opening, so it’s a good idea to synchronize the breaths with each light push of the penis. If either one of you is feeling any pain, chances are that you’re doing something wrong and should take it even slower.

A heads up for the person who has the pleasure of being on the receiving end; you may feel a pressure that is similar to what you feel when you’ve “gotta go”-this feeling is normal, so instead of clamming up in fear that you’re about to do somethin’ nasty, go against your urge and push out because it will actually help expand your opening and make it easier for you to take in his luscious cock!Like any other new “activity”, it’ll take some getting used to and some practice till you both find your groove, so even once you’ve managed to pass base camp one in the Mount Everest of anal-don’t get over ambitious! Keep the movements slow and controlled until it comes more naturally before progressing to an all-out ass pounding.

To help make anal even more enjoyable, there are all kinds of anal-friendly positions to look forward to and experiment with aside from the typical doggie-style; which though the most common, is not necessarily the best choice for an anal-newbie.

The Missionary position is actually considered one of the best choices for the beginner because it allows you to fully relax your anus. Lying on your side is another great choice for the same reason. A great position to work towards is taking it while on top because you have the advantage of controlling the speed and depth and making all you want! This position though is NOT recommended for a beginner because it causes you to involuntarily tighten your muscle which makes penetration harder. And finally; don’t play dirty-meaning: keep in mind the area that you’ve been playing in and try not to trek anything where it doesn’t belong! Avoid going from ass to mouth or vagina without a thorough washing to keep from spreading bacteria that could be harmful.Following all of these steps is sure to guarantee a truly erotic anal session, so play nice and enjoy going where many others are still too chicken to go!

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