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How to Stimulate Your Prostate – Rabbit Vibrators

How to Stimulate Your Prostate

How to Stimulate Your Prostate

Knowing how to stimulate your prostate to cum is an art that eludes man men. Stimulating the prostate is one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences for a man. The prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland covered with pelvic muscle that is situated directly below the bladder and is very important for reproduction. Stimulating the prostate for maximum pleasure requires applying pressure from within the rectum.

Here are the few things you will need: Personal lubricate, nail trimmers (optional), warm water and soap

Manicure your nails

Sharp nails can hurt the sensitive tissues inside the rectum and cause fissures.

Wash your hands in warm water with soap

Use an antiseptic solution to sanitize your hands before trying to stimulate your prostate to cum.

Lubricate your hand with lubricant

If required, lubricate the anus generously before stimulating your prostate.

Lie flat on your back with your legs bent on your knees and your feet resting on the bed

You can also try a different position if you feel more comfortable that way.

Watch some porn as foreplay to get you excited if needed

For pleasure, your rectum’s walls must be relaxed for easy and smooth penetration.

Insert your index finger into your anus until the second knuckle

Don’t try to force too far ahead to avoid damage to the sensitive tissue.

Press forward and backwards as if indicating someone to “come here” with a finger

You should feel a small, hard gland. This is the prostate or G-spot as it is sometimes called.

Massage gently at first and slowly increase the pressure

As you increase pressure, you will stimulate your prostate to cum.

Caution: Stimulating the prostate is not pleasurable for all men. Some experience intense pleasure, while others just orgasm, but many don’t enjoy it at all. The anus and rectum are sensitive areas that can be easily injured. Be gentle and lubricate before trying to stimulate your prostate gland.

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