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Male G-Spot Prostate Massager 5 Inch White – Rabbit Vibrators

Male G-Spot Prostate Massager 5 Inch White

$20.86 $16.69

The best-selling male g-spot stimulator is aggressively shaped and angled, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. It requires less patience and practice to realize benefits.

The Blush Prostate Massager is designed to intensify a man’s orgasm. Inserted into the anus and held in place by the sphincter muscles the Prostate Massager does just that. It stimulates and massages the prostate. When the user “cums” he experiences the most intensive orgasm he has ever had. Smooth finish.

? Larger bulbous head with flat, wide head for more contact with prostate
? Strong angled stem for greater pivoting ability
? Dime perineum tab
? For adventurous beginners and advanced users


  • Features: Beginners
  • Diameter: 1”
  • Insertable Length: 4”


Product Description

This P-spot massager is a medically researched and designed device that works in harmony with your body’s own movements. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms. The massager is easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences. Use with lubricant when desired


  • Features: Beginners & Expert
  • Diameter: 1”
  • Insertable Length: 5”


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